Mission and Values

NovaIntermed has 25 years’ experience in providing solutions adapted to the client’s necessities, for laboratory work but also for integrated projects in diverse fields (industry, research and environment).

The strategy of NovaIntermed was build, first of all, based on clients’ understanding, needs and the wish of building a real partnership relation with all of its contributors, a partnership based on professionalism, respect and innovation.

Owning a very vast experience and solid specific knowledge, we work close with our partners for planning and implementing projects in best conditions, in order to answer to all of our clients’ requests.

Novelty and complexity does not scare us, but actually motivates us to be better. We know that if every project is planned and implemented correctly, it will finalize successfully.

All NovaIntermed projects are based on professionals doing an excellent job, starting with carefully selected suppliers, salesmen and up to service engineers, constructors and architects..

All the plans and ideas that you have may become reality together with us!

NovaIntermed Values

Excitement – we fell that the joy we put in every moment in all our work constantly feeds up with positive energy; and this is something catchy..

Professionalism – our motivations is to do all the things better and better. Nevertheless and naturally, we are glad for every appreciation we receive when we manage to do things perfectly.

Respect – we give our partners, clients and colleagues all of our attention, care, appreciation and respect we also want to gain.

Responsibility – success, goodwill, devotion, energy, friendships and businesses, all of it goes in our responsibility; we build our future.

Innovation – greedy of information, enthusiastic for novelty, we know that we can develop performance only by innovating.

Team spirit – we know that sustaining our colleagues, we become a powerful and successful collective.

We believe that those principles will constantly help us in achieving excellence.