Miltenyi Biotec MACS RUO Antibody Promotion

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You will receive a special discount of 25% on packages of 5 (and more) fluorochrome-conjugated antibody products ordered by one particular customer.

Validity of this promotion is August 15th – October 31st


MACS® RUO Antibodies

  • Recombinant antibodies
  • Releasable antibodies for label-free
  • Antibodies for multiplex immunofluorescence
  • Epitope tag antibodies
  • Secondary antibodies for cell analysis
  • Antibodies for flow cytometry
  • Antibodies for fluorescence microscopy
  • Antibodies for functional assays

  New Antibody Website Appearance

What is different and why?

  1. Antibody product names – Optimized according to customer search behavior
  2. Navigation on MB website – Antibodies will be accessible without looking for them under the hierarchy flow cytometry! Because, antibodies are multi-application workhorses. They deserve their own territory.
  3. Application specific view – Find, explore, see the data and buy antibodies based on application of choice. This will take MACS Antibodies beyond flow cytometry!
  4. Improved product page structure – Information organized on the product page in the order of how a customer is looking for them!
  5. Recombinant antibody technology in the spotlight – Looking for REAfinity or REAlease antibodies? This is much easier now!

All above mentioned changes are only applicable to stand alone Miltenyi Biotec RUO antibody products.

For details, please contact us:

Dr. Ana Maria Georgescu -0740309406;

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